1. Why did you start working out with Gina at FYFWG

At the gym, I really enjoy core work.  Outside the gym, I love to ride my bike.

2. What benefits have you received from following a regular fitness routine?

Just start somewhere.  I started with the exercise and I am now looking at my diet.  Trying to make too many changes at once is overwhelming.  You have to trust the process.

5. What is your favorite exercise?

I enjoy going to the farmer’s market, meal planning and just being.

4. What advice would you give someone who is looking to make the change to get healthy?

 Easy going, accomplished, committed, creative, loving and kind!

I had recently been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and had been struggling to lose weight prior to that diagnosis.  To get control of my life I decided I needed to hire a personal trainer to keep me accountable.  Valentine’s Day 2017 was my first session Gina and my first commitment to loving myself.

Tracy Stroderd

 I have a total of 13 Grandchildren!

Thus far, I have lost a total of 5.5 inches which is really exciting.  However, my goal was to just focus on showing up and doing the best I could at each session.  I am feeling stronger.  My cardio is improving.  I can plank for over a minute now and I can actually do sit-ups!

8. How would others describe you?1. Why did you start working out with Gina at FYFWG

 Running my business, and the EverythingBrevard magazine.  I enjoy working with local entrepreneurs and helping them grow their businesses. 

3. What has been your biggest challenge in fitness and how has a regular fitness routine helped you to overcome it?

 My biggest challenge had been committing to the process of regular exercise.  Exercise was very spiritic to say the least.  By hiring a personal trainer and putting it on my calendar as if it were a business appointment I have now completed 90 days of personal training and have committed to another 90 days 3 times per week.

6. What is something about yourself that many people do not know?

Salad loaded with veggies

 Client Spotlight with Gina

7. What do you enjoy doing when you are not working out at FYFWG?

This month's success story

10. What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

9. If you could eat only one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?