1. Why did you start working out with Gina at FYFWG

Ummmm a LOT.  I consider myself a chameleon and can adapt to any circumstance or environment easily.

2. What benefits have you received from following a regular fitness routine?

I never thought that I would be here.  I have made so many positive changes.  I eat more healthy, I hardly drink anymore, exercise regularly, alone and with a great group of people at FitCamp.  My advice is just get up and go.  You have got to move it or lose it.  Trust me that is the hardest part, but if I have done all these things anyone can.  I made and know ever excuse in the book, but you have to want it.  Once you get started it gets easier.

5. What is your favorite exercise?

Garden, Beach, spend time with good friends, watch a good movie and go to Fitcamp. 

4. What advice would you give someone who is looking to make the change to get healthy?

Yikes just one!!!  I think I would eat Pizza, but it would have to be GOOD New York City like pizza. 

I found Gina (you) because I was unhappy with the trainer I was using and friend recommended me to her/you.  I was looking for someone who was more personable, and upbeat!  You were the perfect fit (no pun intended) for me.  You are patient, knowledgeable, and can push me hard.  You’re pretty funny too!

Elisa Wagers

 I have a garden and like to grow different vegetables and herbs.

I have been seeing Gina for personal training, attending FitCamp, and various group classes.  They all offer various challenges to my body and mind.  I have seen and feel such an improvement over the last four months that I amaze and impress myself. I am stronger, have more balance and muscles where there were none plus the weight loss.  I find myself doing things that I could not do four months ago!!!!

8. How would others describe you?1. Why did you start working out with Gina at FYFWG

Well that is an interesting question.  Favorite group activity is FitCamp and they feel like family.  Definitely NOT lunges!  I like to plank, but only because I am getting better and better. 

3. What has been your biggest challenge in fitness and how has a regular fitness routine helped you to overcome it?

The Endurance and strength has been the biggest challenge.  Second is just getting there and making this a new part of my life.  Gina makes me accountability for me.

6. What is something about yourself that many people do not know?

People think I am funny.  I am pretty fast witted and can be goofy.

 Client Spotlight with Gina

7. What do you enjoy doing when you are not working out at FYFWG?

This month's success story

10. What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

9. If you could eat only one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?