After trying various approaches to improving my fitness I am highly pleased with my results from working with Gina of Find Your Fitness.
As I entered my senior years in life I began searching for a way to be able to enjoy my retirement time pain free.  I was suffering from chronic pain in my lower back and legs.   My goal was to be able to continue to play golf at a competitive and enjoyable level.  My search led me to Gym memberships, trainers at the Gyms, Acupuncture treatment, and massage therapy. All with some added medication and little success. 
Through a mutual friend I was referred to Gina as a personal trainer.  I arranged to met Gina and discuss my goals — restoring functionality/improving balance and coordination, and adding strength/stability.  All required to alleviate the reoccurring aches and provide a more balanced body frame.  

Through proper training under Gina’s guidance, I have realized the following benefits:
-The first target worked on was to strengthen my core.  
-I can now walk for extended periods of time with no back pain as was perviously common
-I am more flexible and able to perform routine exercise motions pain free

A second goal was to strength my back and upper body.
-I now am properly utilizing the correct muscles for required motions - relieving stress from improper motions
-My range of motion is noticeably improved - more flexibility
-My back pain is nearly relieved - we will get there soon 

I have found the experience  and knowledge Gina has as a trainer to be outstanding and rewarding.  After working with Gina I have witnessed the following outstanding characteristics in her:

-she has a warm personality and truly cares about her clients
-she provides friendly and reassuring encouragement at all times
-she possess a great level of expertise in the field for physical training
-most of all, her commitment to her customers shines through in all her lessons.

I am pleased to recommend Gina’s professional service to anyone seeking a trainer.
PS - It’s up to you to do your part!!


​​​ I started working out with Gina because my Dad had been going to FIT camp for a while and really enjoyed it, then my mom started. I was looking for something different since nothing I was doing seemed to be giving me the results I wanted.

I have more energy, I feel happier and more positive in life, I feel great about myself, I feel strong and determined. I have also met amazing, inspiring people through Gina. It is nice to be around such positive people with the same goals.


Thank you Gina! Over the last 6 months through your classes Rev-Up and TRXI have become stronger, improved my balance and form (squats) and am feeling confident, have more energy and love the changes I see and feel with my body! So happy to have you in my life. My husband thanks you too!


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