Joyce Jimenez's goal and mission in life is to Admire and Inspire others to become their best self. Joyce uses her practice of teaching yoga in different settings including on the Beach, with Goats and at a Counceling Center for recovering addicts also people with anxiety and depression to spread admiration and inspiration to people who need it most. Joyce's yoga instruction has led her to the realization that her practice is focused around healing the mind, body, and spirit. In addition to feeding others souls through yoga,  she has also devoted her time and nutrition expertise to developing her own product Detox Energy Greens. When she's not giving herself to others, she devotes her time to her 10 year old son, reading personal development books, and learning about how to better feed body, mind, and spirit. "I welcome the opportunity to admire your inner love and inspire you to shine that love and light with others." -Joyce

Looking for a way to refresh your usual workout-Yoga Fit is a good place to start. This class will blend yoga poses with fitness, such as strength and endurance training. We will target arms, legs, glutes and back and focus on core stability. Yoga fit is a great workout to help build lean muscle and stamina while teaching you flexibility and also how to relax!
If you're seeking balance - this class is for you. 

Having started my business with a philosophy of "All you need is a positive attitude, a goal, and the means to reach that goal", I offer all that and more in my newly renovated studio and outdoor FIT Camps. 
Find Your Fitness with Gina (FYFIT) offers specialized classes that will challenge you with high intensity cardio intervals, functional training, team-building workouts, strength and balance exercises.  All of my programs have been created to utilize my best resource -- YOU! I can promise you a fun, effective, no-nonsense workout formed with YOU in mind!

Wed. Class (6 weeks) 

October 2-November 13

 6-7 PM 


Mon. Class (6 weeks) 

Dates to be announced

 6-7 PM