About gina

Having started my business with a philosophy of "All you need is a positive attitude, a goal, and the means to reach that goal", I offer all that and more in my newly renovated studio and outdoor FIT Camps. 

Find Your Fitness with Gina (FYFIT) offers specialized classes that will challenge you with high intensity cardio intervals, functional training, team-building workouts, strength and balance exercises.  All of my programs have been created to utilize my best resource -- YOU! I can promise you a fun, effective, no-nonsense workout formed with YOU in mind!

 I will get you moving more (increasing energy expenditure) and eating clean (decreasing energy intake) which is the basis of lasting weight loss.  Focuses will be strength training, which builds muscle and speeds up metabolism, dynamic conditioning using circuits prescribed with precise work-to-rest ratio maximizing calorie burning and abdominal segments will be sure to carve out that nice stomach you have always wanted. Come join me at the fitness studio for a program formulated just for you.

Downtown MElbourne's Fitness Expert


You Want Results!
​I like to not only focus on the workouts but you personally.  I want to feel connected to each and every one of my clients.  I do this by asking questions, sharing what you do, providing support and motivation on a personal level.  I can energize your well-being and also deliver those dream arms, legs and tight abs.